Want to Set Up a Testing Site?

General steps on how to get started with little to no money down!

What do you need to start?

Get a business license

Call your closest city hall/mayors office and ask how you can get your business license to set up a FREE Covid Testing Site. Make sure to ask if they have any special requirements!

Find a month to month lease for a testing facility

Make sure Landlord is okay with Covid Testing.

Hire Testers

Must be Hippa Certified! If not certified, take the 1 hour course at https://courseforhipaa.com
$15 cost will be reimbursed with proof of completion.

Hire Data Recording Admins

Can be same as testers. Main need is for 10 min rapid tests.

How do we support you?

Physical Resources Provided

  • Testing Kits
  • Covid Banners
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Shipping Bags
  • Tables
  • Chairs (Free-Discounted)

Service Resources Provided

  • FREE process and procedure training
  • Free Test Shipping per site
  • Free Test Shipping to Lab
  • Client Test Result Portal
  • QR Code System
  • Custom QR Code per Site
  • On-Call Customer Service
  • HIPPA Compliance Reimbursement
  • Custom Web Page
  • Free Online Marketing
  • Onsite Training

Need Covid Testing now?

Get Your Testing Kit
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