Free Covid Testing!

What is being offered!

What We Offer

Comprehensive testing solutions to employers for all staff members!

Testing is always FREE, regardless of insurance or lack thereof.

Covid testing schedules based on your need! We recommend once a week PCR tests!

Dedicated support team to answer all questions and deliver all results!

Business Test Kits
Step 1

Your Organization will receive a testing startup kit which includes Testing Kits with cold packs and a prepaid return envelope.

Step 2

Distribute the test kits to your staff for self-administration of the tests.

Step 3

Register the kits by having your members scan the included QR code with their phones. This will start the sign-up process with our secure lab portal so that your members can receive their results.

Step 4

Watch the instructional video on how to use the test kit (QR Code with link included in the test).

Step 5

Collect the samples from your members after completion to prepare them for shipment.

Step 6

Ship the collected samples back overnight to our lab using the included prepaid envelope. And receive results within 48 hours!

Testing Instructions
Step 1

Disinfect the surface where you will open the collection kit. Remove and lay out contents of kit. Read instructions before starting specimen collection.

Step 2

Remove the swab from the package. Do not touch the soft end with your hands or anything else.

Step 3

Remove the swab from the package. Do not touch the soft end with your hands or anything else.

Step 4

Slowly rotate the swab, gently pressing against the inside of your nostril at least 4 times for a total of 15 seconds. Get as much nasal discharge as possible on the soft end of the swab.

Step 5

Gently remove the swab.

Step 6

Using the same swab, repeat steps 2–4 in your other nostril with the same end of the swab.

Step 7

Place the swab in the sterile tube and snap off the end of the swab at the break line, so that it fits comfortably in the tube. Place the cap on the tube and screw down tightly to prevent leakage.

Step 8

Place the tube containing the swab in the biohazard bag provided and seal the bag.

Step 9

Give the bag with the swab to testing personnel or follow the instructions for returning the specimen for testing.

Don’t forget to throw away the remaining specimen collection kit items and wash or re-sanitize your hands.

Instructional Video

Receiving Results

Through a HIPPA compliant email directly to the inbox of whoever is being tested.

QR Codes for results valid for travel and verification.

Patient’s that test positive are contacted by our medical care provider team to discuss steps and for the purpose of contact tracing.

Employers are able to receive portal access on a special need basis. This is to protect information that is personal to each individual.

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